Lips and eyes never Lie.

Her beauty was just beyond taste and test, natural Melanin could have been another definition,height was not an issue.

I was tempted more than once to know who she really was. At last I got a chance,and we were supposed to meet over dinner in town as agreed.

There was something different in her attraction to many…..

Her lips.

Her eyes too.IMG_20180710_172651_723

The two said it all. They were well placed in there position as any normal beautiful lady. But still I was in class to learn more.

Lips can tell you the characters of an individual. More than what you can deduce.

Try and learn too.

Coffee was my favourite that evening, and I  appreciated the lessons learnt, nodding as I sipped it to keep myself warm.

……She was already married, but we became friends.


All Into The Gutter.

Her health never showed any sign of being sick for a very long time.She hopefully struggled with her life after graduation and fortunately she secured a good job, Good to takecare of her siblings interms of school fees and atleast help her mother to settle out the loans she had taken from some microfinance institution to pay her fees during her studies.

All went well for sometimes, until she started complaining of recently of fatigue while working and feeling pain in her lower ribs on both sides.

With her android device, she managed to get some information over the internet about some symptoms of kidney problems, though she never wanted to deeply imagine about that. It could have been so painful for her to bare.

Later on, she shared it with her lovely boyfriend and together they decided that she was supposed to see the Doctor urgently.

…….on that day, she woke up early enough and went down on her knees and prayed………

The Doctor, casually introduced himself again, and ready to give the necessary advice, since she was alone, though the doctors wanted an acompanyment or somebody else to be with her.

She cried, at first slowly, and at last, she couldn’t control, but burst into tears, painful tears.

Her two kidneys had gotten worse.

……She vowed never to tell anybody, never even to the boyfriend, but to go and even stop the relationship and be alone, waiting for her death.

She sat there, rekindling of the love and laughter they had as afamily, the efforts and promises they used to make to each other, and…….. n-DEPRESSION-BLACK-628x314.jpg

Love and Religion Thing…

Love has no boundaries my friends, It doesn’t look into anything when its time.

I had just arrived, and being newly employed, anxious and nervous on her first assignment, she was there at the arrival point waiting patiently with my name neatly scribbled on that paper, in her golden hijab and spectacles to match her beautiful dimples, and with a faintly smile seen only with someone who knows the difference on her check when she is really happy or not, could tell.

I swung my little handbag and greeted her, and immediately she led me out to the parking area. I never thought of anything serious as she took the back seat and I took the front seat, my mind was in wonder about the project I was called to execute at that moment.

I cannot tell what happened until I peeped into the left side mirror……Woooh! that’s when I realized the beauty God created.

…………………….Our religions added the gap, heheh I could have fought it, but I had no time, just appreciated and requested her to have coffee later, and the rest were history……………My stay in Mombasa was really fun.PHOTO-11.jpg


For her, all was just okay, she got married at a very early age after college, and her dreams were completely coming to be true. She was brought up in a good humble family with morals which everybody could admire to relate them with, though not a well off family, but the daily needs were provided for. It was good and encouraging since both understood each other’s background and started on their anticipated walk of life. Her friends, like every lady envied her and even discouraged her for a while before they accepted the truth and embraced it.

She was another definition of beauty and character the stressing part of being introduced to the in-laws was no longer there, since the guy had sent signs of settling soon. All set, they decided to settle down within one year in the outskirts of town where the smelly sewage breeze and the noisy environment was not within reach after visiting the parents and affirming their commitment and Love. There was nothing which was between them to set in any kind of turbulence socially and economically, they had even thought of organizing for a nice garden wedding.



………..they laughed all the way wherever they were together, reminding each other of long gone memories of their childhood life and looked into the future together, trying all to learn on how to save and plan for the future of their unborn kid together.

……………She was now two months pregnant, and time flew so fast, things changed and still she kept hoping for the best, and for him it was worsening, he had changed, not for the better but otherwise.

Lying is bad to whoever you love, i reminded my friend.

None to appreciate Your Dreams.

DREAM..jpgLazily like no other day,he sank there in deep thoughts,guessing into the sky as if he was admiring the stars or something else,but no,his mind was not there at all.
He could not sob,since there were no reasons to anyway.
The aura was promising,and the normal mood of an holiday in Nairobi City was also wafting away,though less busy as the day before.
‘Was it meant to be this way? ……………‘Who will then believe in me and my dreams?’………’Should I just keep hoping for something yet to be?’……..’or am in the wrong planet?’…..Those plus a million question hazed through his fatigued mind severally.

He cannot copy a life,this was his life,he had to live and make it the way he will wished to see it even in the Spirit world. He had just finished his studies in campus and with his big dreams of making it well through the outside world,he came to Nairobi the capital of Kenya in order to get even the white color job available to make up to his promises and dreams alike.

The welcome itself was not close to what he had expected,the struggle became more unfriendly on daily basis,and the depression and stress of thinking on how he had left his family back at home,was eating on him so much.
Vehemently, he knuckled down to His Creator,since his time was coming soon in a big way.



Life and Future Without him

Mother and daughter Love.She closely held her in her arms as she was the only hope she had in her life. Softly and sweetly, she kissed her forehead and wished her long life full of happiness. Hahaha is it not ridiculous? He had just moved into a different world, the world we fear mentioning, 2 years was the only time they spent in that relationship which they both promised to build and make sure there upcoming daughter had a happy future full of parental care and Love, but now it was faintly fading to an abyss, where regrets of all forms haunts and hunts every aspect of the memories they shared together. I confidently comforted her like any other father or brother to a daughter or sister when hurt can do, that all will be well. But what befell her when I was not around, I knew not. She was supposed to be stronger than ever and hopeful to the awaiting task of raising the daughter alone, teach her all the societal morals and leave a legacy which could make the spirit world smile again.

With everything, she still found it hard to believe, every night she sponged her pillow wet with tears, and every morning plastered the wide beautiful smile on her face. Though she minimally realized her deteriorating health and her new bad trend of appetite, all together, in her mind were not yet recorded.

She was just there with the future wide open.

The Big Journey Regrets.

The Big Journey a head.People-on-deathbed-often-express-positive-emotions.jpg

When we imagine our emotions as we approach death, we think mostly of sadness and terror, But it turns out, dying is less sad and terrifying — and happier — than you think, When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you is a long way from your mind. People grow a lot when they are faced with their own mortality. I learnt never to underestimate someone’s capacity for growth. Some changes are phenomenal. Each experience a variety of emotions, as expected, denial, fear, anger, remorse, more denial and eventually acceptance.

The research suggests that we focus disproportionately on the negative emotions caused by dying, without considering the broader context of everyday life. Regrets of the dying dawns while lying there on the death bed;

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me-It is very important to try and honor at least some of your dreams along the way.
  2. I wish I didn’t work so hard, now that my work and efforts are going to be doomed or never to be appreciated.
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings, which maybe brought me to such a situation, the people I had hurt, caused trouble to, never apologized/reconciled with and many more.
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends no matter my busy schedule I life, meaning I have grown not enjoyed their fun time and compassion, in the name being busy
  5. I wish that I had let myself be happier by doing whatever thing which could have put me into that and maybe stayed closer with my soul Creator.

Whishes are many and the legacies unfinished due to one or two factors, my crop up during that time.

We need to do what we would admire, so that we shun the late hour regrets in our big journey.

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